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Merry Christmas!

Winner Shows 2012

ManU both days EXC2 with CQ
Bella both days EXC

Brothers ManU and Paavo in intermediate class

Keymaker's brothers :)

Bella in junior class

11.11.2012 Jyväskylä

ManU third best male with CC and r-Cacib.
Bella second in juniors with EXC and CQ.

ManU winning his 6. CC

20.9.2012 Boys got their eyes-checked!

Multi Ch Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith "Iivari" (5 years) - cataract-free!
KBHV-2012 Keymaker's King Of The Hill "ManU" (1,5 years) - cataract-free!

I'm so happy!

17.9.2012 Puppynews!

Dina got two boys and one beautiful girl!

1.9.2012 Liminka

ManU second best male with r-CC.
Iivari fourth best male.
Bella won juniors and was third best bitch.

25.-26.8.2012 Tervakoski & Kaivopuisto

Tervakoski: Our dear "Bella" Mercurite's Apple won her first CC being BOS 

Tervakoski: ManU was fourth best male with r-CC               Bella with her trophy                             

Mercurite's Apple second in juniors, Mercurite's Ain't She something fourth in juniors with EXC.
 ManU was second best male with CC. Thanks Riikka and Matti for superb weekend!

3.-5.8.2012 SawoShow

Huge thanks to Laura and Anna for the great show weekend!

Friday: Mercurite's Armed And Fabulous VG3 & Mercurite's Apple won jurior bitches

Friday: ManU was third best male with r-CC

Mercurite's Apple won jurior bitches

Saturday: ManU was third best male with CC

Sunday: ManU placed second at intermediate with EXC

14.-15.7.2012 Oulu & Piteå

Oulu: Mercurite's Ain't She Something BOB-puppy & Mercurite's Apple second with HP

Oulu: ManU  - our Super Boy, second best male with r-CC and r-cacib

Best male class at Oulu Int Show

Piteå: ManU

Piteå: Manu second best male with CC and r-cacib

16.-17.6.2012 Trip to Copenhagen

Saturday: ManU BOS under Elisabet Spillman.

Sunday: ManU BOB, CC, Cacib and title of  KBHV 2012
Judge: Anatoli Zhuk

Well, hello Copenhagen!

9.-10.6.2012 Tuuri & Kangasniemi

Nice weekend at Tuuri & Kangasniemi and we got a brand new champion - Fi & Ee & Lt Ch Arthlorn's Nordic Affair!

Manu at Tuuri BM3, r-CC

Dina at Tuuri BB4

Team clothes :)

ManU and Dina at Kangasniemi

BOB Keymaker's King Of The Hill & BOS Ch Arthlorn's Nordic Affair
Judge: Harri Lehkonen

New champion girl

20.5.2012 Moletai, Lithuania

We had a so nice summer trip to Lithuania with our dogs. Got also nice results as well and a brand new CIB -girl Venla :)

ManU BOB 25.5.                                                                            
ManU BOB 26.5

ManU Best in Show in Toy dog Show 25.5.!

Arthlorn's Nordic Affair "Dina" with LT Winner CC 25.5.

Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked "Venla" finished her CIB and LT Ch titles in 27.5. show

Thank You judges!

20.5.2012 Piteå - What a day at rainy Piteå, Sweden!


Keymaker's King Of The Hill BIG-1

Thank You judges!

12.5.2012 Tampere & Kajaani

Tampere: Venla in champions with EXC..

..Meanwhile in Kajaani: Dina BOS with CC!


Lahti Int Show: ManU EXC3 with CQ.

Bichon frise Special Show: ManU EXC2 with CQ, Dina EXC3 with CQ

Photos: Bichon frise ry


Kankaanpää Show was great! Our little Svea, Hardy Flap's U Won The Game, was in her second show and she got her first CC being BOS! Thanks to judge Markku Kipinä!

Svea BOS

ManU in best male competition


Vaasa Show: ManU BM3 with res-CC and Venla started her showcareer after puppies being EXC3 with CQ.



We had such a nice trip to Rakvere, Estonia. Thank You guys, we had absolutely superfun :) We got also some show results: under judge Wim Wellens Manu became BOB and Dina BOS! Also Jaakko's Elvis became second best male and got CC, congratulations!

BOB Keymaker's King Of The Hill - BOS Arthlorn's Nordic Affair

ManU                                                       Dina

Our Gang :)


Trip to Eno went pretty well.. Manu was placed second best male, just behind his daddy Tuska, and got his second CC. Thank you judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki! Also Keymaker's breeders group was BIS1, congratulations to Elina!

Photo: Kimmo Ojala
Junior males

Photo: Kimmo Ojala
"ManU" Keymaker's King Of The Hill

                                                                                                            C: PAS & SE (Showlink)


Manu got his first CC from Tuusniemi under judge Anne Sume! KePo -Matti, Elina and Kimmo took him there, while I was sick at home.. Huge thanks!


Year 2012 started us usual - Kajaani Int Show. 

Our juniors started their show careers just great!

ManU BM3 & res-CC                                                             Svea BB3

ManU smiles