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Merry Christmas & Have A Succesful Year 2010!


Last shows in this year was held in Helsinki – Finnish & Nordic Winner –Shows.  We had Venla and Iivari with us and Venla was debuting in junior class. Venla’s first day result was EXC4 and second day she got EXC. What a great start for our little girl in the big show! Iivari showing himself only in Sunday show and his result was EXC. Thanks again to Riikka who let us stay with her place (and didn’t care about big mess..).

Junior bitches

Champion males

Venla                                        Iivari


Puppy News

Iivari's first litter is out of Iivari (Ch Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith) and Iitu (Keymaker's Jet Set Lady). Iivari got four beautiful babies in October - congrats to breeder Elina (kennel Keymaker's) and Iitu's owner Laura!

Iivari's puppy
Could I be more cute?



In the start of November we took a trip to Estonia, with our 'same old group'. :) We headed to Tarto double International Shows because Tähti and Leevi needed only one CACIB to gain precious C.I.B-title. Unfortunately our Leevi got only pink ribbon (EXC) from this trip and our CACIB-hunt will continue in the future.. Good news was that Riikka’s little Tähti was BOS in Sunday Show and got three new titles, congratulations! Thanks to everybody for the lovely trip!

In Tarto 2009

It was winter in Tarto!

Champions in Saturday: Antares - Blju Mendis Snow Miracle - Leevi - Whoopdiel Special Times

Leevi in Sunday

Night of Tarto - Matti & boys..


We visited at Tuulos and Seinäjoki last weekend (it was a long drive..). In Saturday we had Leevi in the ring and he was best male 4. Siru got EXC2 but unfortunately Venla hurt her paw and wasn't able to participate to junior class. After rings we drove to Seinäjoki and had a nice evening in the hotel with good company. In Sunday Iivari was also on the show and he made his way to third best male. Leevi got EXC3 and Siru VG3.

Leevi in Tuulos

Leevi 4. best male



While I was spending my time being sick at home, Iivari and Elina did wonderful results in Sundsvall, Sweden. Iivari was placed BOB and became a new Swedish Champion! In the big ring Iivari made his way to Best In Show 3, way to go our little boy!! 

Iivari BOB 

Iivari a new Swedish Champion

Iivari BIS-3



We visited Tampere with two things on our minds – finding the perfect wedding dress and enter to dogshow. Results were following: we found the dress but in the show we had to settle Iivari’s EXC3 placement. Otherwise Riikka’s Tahti did very good being BOB. :)

We got also great news from Elina when she was in Siikajoki Puppyshow.. Our chubby girl was BOB-puppy and finally BIG-1 in the pupshow– unbelievable! We were so happy, great thanks to breeder! 

Venla BIG-1 in puppy show 



After a little brake we decided to take a dog show-trip to Helsinki and Porvoo. Iivari turned two years old and our “last CC-hunting” was about to start..

In Saturday we had nice show in Tuomarinkartano, Iivari took his class but unfortunately in best male class his placement was “only” third. However we had a lovely evening in Riikka’s place (thaks Riikka for hosting us!) and getting ready for the next day show.

Iivari third best male in Tuomarinkartano

In Sunday we had also Venla in puppies and she was showing herself very nice and was placed second best bitch wit honour price. Iivari was on fire today and he had some problems to concentrate, so I was a little nervous.. Anyway Iivari won open class and finally showing himself to BOS with his 11. CC and become a new Finnish Champion – absolutely fabulous! What a great day in sunny Porvoo! 

Venla in puppies

Best male class in Porvoo

Iivari a new champion

Iivari with his trophy



We made our last ”summer-show-trip” to Tallinn, Baltic Winner 2009 Show. We had a great time with very nice company & weather, but unfortunately our show success wasn’t as good as we hoped. Iivari was third best male and Leevi was fourth. Siru was placed BB4 and Riikka’s Tähti was BB2 with re-cacib. Congrats to winners, household-Tyrnävä.

Dogs in Tallinn



In this weekend we headed to Joensuu Karelia Shows. We rented a nice cottage from Eno with Riikka and Perttu and had a little vacation as well.

Saturday was a great show day for us – our little chubby girl, Venla was BOB-puppy, Siru took her class and was placed BB3, Iivari was a little uncomfortable with moving on the grass, but made his way to BM3 with res-CC. And Leevi won males (handled by Matti ) and was finally BOB!

              Venla BOB-puppy                                                               Iivari class winner

Siru junior class winner

Leevi Best On Breed

Cottage in Eno

Sunday show was held in rainy weather and results were following; Leevi was EXC2 and Siru won juniors (again!) and was placed BB4. Also Riikka’s Tähti showed herself today and was BB2 with res-CACIB - unfortunately we have to wait a new C.I.B a little bit longer.. 

Leevi EXC2



After a wonderful weekend in the gottage in Sotkamo we headed to Kajaani group show where was also so hot-hot-hot! :) Luckily the dogs agreed still to move in the ring regardless of the hot weather and results were quite pleasing. Iivari was second best male with res-CC and Leevi was placed third best male. Siru was “on fire” today and made her way to third best bitch by winning her class, great! Also Venla was showing in puppy show and she was second best bitch with honour price. The judge was Tuula Plathan and with puppies Markku Kipinä. 

Iivari moving                                                                             Leevi          

Siru on the table

Dogs enjoying of water                                                View of the cottage   



There are’nt much to say about of Mikkeli Int Show. Weather was awful and the grass in the ring wasn’t good for dogs’ movement. Therefore the success of this time was quite limited; Iivari VG4, Leevi EXC3 and Siru VG4. 



It was a time to our hometown tour - welcome everybody to Oulu! :) In Friday was our own Speciality Show where the judge was Bill Lee, from USA. The day was quite interesting and full of “good” bichons, so I had also two good ones and one excellent. Our little Venla made her debut and was placed fourth in puppy class. 

Venla in speciality

Iivari class winner in speciality show

Saturday was the first Int show where the judge was Levente Miklos. Leevi was placed EXC3 in champions and Iivari won his class and made his way to third best male. Juniors where judged by Markku Kipinä and Siru got VG.

Iivari on the move                                                                         Siru                     

Leevi in champions

Iivari and Venla in saturday show 

Sunday show was also held in beautiful weather and the judge was Günther Ehrenreich. Leevi got excellent from champion class and Iivari continued winning his classes and was finally placed second best male with his 10. Finnish CC! Way to go “käpy”! 

              Iivari                                                                         Iivari moving




Because of all the hassle with a new home I wasn’t able to participate to this weekend’s shows. Luckily Elina was so kind to take Siru (Keymaker's Diva For Sure) to Saturday’s Kemi Show where she was placed VG1 with very nice critiques. In Sunday was Iivari’s turn to travel and he was headed to Laukaa Show with Elina. Iivari’s results were this time ECX3.



In the middle of moving I visited again in Sweden with Leevi, Riikka and Tähti. This time was a success for us, because Leevi was placed BOS with his third Cacib! Now we just have to wait for cacib timelimit and then try to get the last one!

FI & EE & LT & SE & LV & Balt Ch Leevi BOS & FI Ch Fine Design Temtation Waits BOB

Also Iivari visited with Elina in two shows. In Saturday Iivari was placed BOB for the first time with CC and Cacib in Kokkola Int Show! Sunday’s show in Pietarsaari went even better – Iivari was BOB with CC and finally Best In Show! So Great our little boy!

 JW-08 Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith Best In Show




When I was struggling with packing our stuff to boxes, boys where travelling in Sweden and Norway. Leevi was with Riikka in Gällivare Int Show and was placed fourth best male. Iivari was travelling with Elina in Trondheim Int Show and was placed second best male with CC! Thank you girls!



We spent our Midsummer Party in Ranua, my parents place, as usual. Thaks mum and dad for food, drinks and nice company! J In sunday we drove to Rovaniemi Int Show where the judge was Rajko Rottner. Iivari was EXC2 and Leevi took his fifth res-CACIB being second best male.

Leevi and Iivari on the table

Best male class



Riga & Pärnu

Finally it was here – our “so long waited” dog show-holiday-trip to Riga and Pärnu! We started our tour on Friday with Riikka, Perttu and Tähti and took a boat to Tallinn. We drove (actually Matti did) from there to Riga and spent our evening with washing and trimming the dogs.  

Saturday, 13.6, was the first Show day and the judge was Mrs. Vija Klucniece. Leevi was third best male and Iivari was placed BOS with CC and CACIB, wonderful our dear “käpy”! BOB was Riikka’s little Tähti.

BOS FI JW-08 Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith and BOB FI & LT & LV Ch Diamella Almost Star

Sunday’s judge was Tatjana Urek (we had already met her in Vaasa Int Show) and results were marvellous! Leevi got his second CACIB and also Latvian CC becoming a new Latvian and Baltic Champion! Finally Leevi was BOS and Riikka’s Tähti was BOB again – what a great day!  

BOB FI & LT & LV Ch Diamella Almost Star and BOS FI & EE & LT & SE & LV & BALT Ch Leevi

After “the work-part” we took a nice look at Riga old town and then drove to Pärnu. Pärnu was very beautiful town with a fabulous and long beach. The dogs had so much fun with running in the beach! Also something very surprising happened – Matti proposed to me and I said Yes! We had a nice engagement party in a night of Pärnu – at least we had biggest margaritas I have ever seen!  

Leevi in cafe in Riga                                                                                          

Beach of Pärnu

Engaged 15.6.2009

OMG, what margaritas!

Great thanks to all you guys for an unforgettable trip! Let’s do it again, shall we..?




Iivari visited in Estonia Winner Show with Elina & Kimmo last weekend. He returned back to home with CC and Cacib, we're so happy!  



Elina took Iivari to Mänttä show in last Sunday. Weather was beautiful and so were the results too - Iivari was placed second best male with CC, again! :) You are on fire our little boy!



Our tour started on Thursday when we drove to Jämsä group show. The weather was awful and the results were also not-so-good, Iivari got VG3. Even though, Iivari was showing himself very good! The judge was Juha Putkonen.

Iivari in Jämsä

On Saturday we had International dog show "Aptus" in Helsinki, where we were judged by Birgitta Hasselgren. Iivari was second in his class with excellent and Leevi won champions! In the best male class intermediate male was the winner and Leevi was placed second best male with his fifth Res-Cacib. We still are waiting for the real one!

 We spent our last dog show day in Rauma with very beautiful weather. Today we had only Iivari in the ring and the judge was allrounder Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Iivari was "on fire" today, he was really showing himself (with a taste of temperament of course :)). After the best male class Mrs. Heikkinen-Lehkonen asked me about Iivari, ‘Have you changed his Duracell-batteries lately?’. :) And the results were very pleasing; Iivari was placed second best male with his sixth CC!

The tour was long, but we were happy for the boys’ results. Also we got our first ‘holiday trip’ for this summer! :) Here is a few photos from Rauma. 

Iivari on the move                                                     The judge and Iivari        

Best male class in Rauma



I was time to go abroad again – to our lovely neighbour Sweden! J Two-day-trip was held in beautiful sunny weather & with good company. We travelled to Piteå with our Leevi and Riikka with little Tähti-girl and our results were quite pleasing..  

In Saturday SDHK show, our judge was Karin Bernardis and she decided make our boy a new Swedish Champion with BOB, we were so happy! In Sunday SNKK show, bichons were judged by Birgitta Hasselgren and Leevi’s placement was second best male.  

What a great trip! Congrats also to Jenna & Elina for wonderful results (Kiara: BOS & BOB). Riikka’s Tähti was BB4 and BB3 - but I’m sure ladies, next time show will be yours..

Strong with substance. Excellent head and expression. Correct eyes. Correct bite. Very good upper and ? line. Very good angulated. Move with power. Karin Bernardis


Best male class



Hint of summer was experienced in the day of Vaasa Int Show. We travelled in beautiful weather and with good company to nice show place, Botniahalli. Judge was Tatjana Urek from Slovenia.  

Iivari started his day in the show with a lot of drive. He was almost impossible to handle in the ring because of his bursting temperament and joy of life.. Anyway, is always nice to see dog enjoying for the show! J Iivari’s result was EXC2. Leevi was placed second in the champion class. In the best male class Leevi took the place of third best male with res-Cacib. The real one was taken by Otto, again - congrats to Elina & Jonna!

Good size and proportions. Correct pigmentation. Scissors bite. Good length of neck. Correct top line and tail set. Curly tail. Excellent depth of chest. Good length of body. Correct angulations. Good quality of coat, excellently prepared for the show. Excellent mover.  

Excellent proportions. Correct head, I prefer a little bit longer muzzle. Scissors bite. Good length of neck. Correct top line and tail set. Good depth of chest. Correct angulations. Good quality of coat. Very temperament. Excellent movement with a lot of drive.

Iivari 2. in his class

Leevi 3. best male



Our Easter went pretty well when we took a trip to Lappeenranta Dog Show. In Saturday we drove about 500 km to Lappeenranta and had an early entry to our hotel. We had a pretty nice dinner with a good company and rest of the evening went with washing and trimming the dogs.

Actually show day was Sunday and judge was Mr. Tino Pehâr.   The results were following: Iivari won his class with EXC, but didn’t have placement in the best male class. Leevi won also his class and finally went to second best male with res-CACIB (the real one was so close!). The winner was Jonna’s Otto who got his last CC and became Fi Ch, congratulations to owners and breeder! Pictures are taken by Maria Paalanen (thanks a lot).


Leevi in champion class



In the last weekend we visited in Tampere Int Show. The trip was quite hard - we left Saturday morning in 2.00 am and arrived in Sunday morning in 2.00 am.. Anyway the results were very pleasing, Leevi was EXC3 in champions and Iivari was placed second best male with his fifth CC! Great work from our little "käpy"! :) We also stayed for group finals, because Elina's breeder's group was BOB. And all the waiting wasn't wasted - Keymaker's breeder's group was BIS-4, congratulations Elina & Kimmo! Pics are taken by Pentti Korhonen.

Iivari                                                                                                                              Iivari on the table
Iivari is happy for winning the class




Welcome our new family member - Venla (Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicket)! We're so excited about this gorgeous little girl! She is owned by me & Matti and Elina, so great thanks goes to Tyrnävä household for letting us have her. There are a few photos of her at the gallery.



We had a lovely trip to UK with Elina. We went there to see some British bichons and meet Elina's Caspers's breeder, Jill Sims. We visited to Manchester dog show to see show bichons and get to know british style to show. We took some pictures, so click here and see more. Great thanks belongs to Jill who let us stay with her house and show us everything!



Year 2009 started with Kajaani international dog show in freezing arena (Pallohalli). Both boys were with us and the results were following: Iivari was placed EXC3 and Leevi was EXC2. Elina's Casper was BOS and Jonna's Pyry got his second CC - congratulations to both of you girls! Thanks Jonna & Pentti for pictures.

Iivari         &         Leevi