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Happy Holidays!



While we enjoyed our honeymoon in Thailand, Venla and Iivari, was showed by Elina ja Jonna - thank you so much girls! Girls took them to Helsinki and Finnish Winner Shows. In Helsinki Winner Venla got EXC2 and Iivari EXC. In Finnish Winner Iivari was placed second best male with res-Cacib!! :)




We visited in Jyväskylä - as usual in November. Iivari got EXC2 and Venla was BB3 with res-CC. Judge was Dan Ericsson. Thanks everybody for the company!



After a long break, we had a dog show weekend again! We visited our annual Seinäjoki Int Show where we had Iivari and Venla with us. Iivari competed in champions and was finally placed BM2 with res-Cacib (although we don't need the real on anymore :)). Venla took her class an was finally BB3, with res-CC and res-Cacib (still waiting the real one :)). Thanks to KePos (Matti and Perttu) for the pleseant trip.

Multi Ch Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith

 Jitterbop Code Name Pink -  Keymakers Wild 'N' Wicked - Rahti Kiia



We had so much fun in Bichon Frisé Ry's "Autumn Day" - thank you everybody!

Reetta, Kiki, Klaara & Matti, Leevi & Ykä & Riikka, Tähti, Säde & Anni, Dina & Me, Iivari, Venla



We had a "home" show at Liminka. Iivari was BM4 and Venla got EXC1. Thanks friends tor the nice company!

Iivari                                                           Venla



Despite of my flu, we visited at Tervakoski Int Show in Saturday and got some good results as well. Our little Dina was BOS-puppy, Iivari was BM3, Venla won her class being BB2 with res-CC and res-Cacib. Thanks Anni, Riikka and my mother-in-law for the good company! :)

Dina BOS-puppy at age of 8 months



We got married!

Mr. & Mrs. Räisänen




We had a very nice weekend with Anni, Ykä and Ada in SawoShow. Results were pretty nice, especially our little Dina did well, she was BOB-puppy in every day!



We spent our weekend is horse racing (Kuninkuusravit 2010) when Elina & Kimmo took Venla with them to dogshow. Venla was a excellent girl and took the breed with CC in Kemi show! Thanks E & K!




We had a so nice holiday in beautiful Pärnu. Wonderful weather, fantastic beach, awesome company and also dog shows were included - could holiday get even better? :)

We had two shows, one in Pärnu and another one in Haapsalu. In Pärnu Iivari was BM2 & res-cacib and in Haapsalu he was BM2 with CC and got the title of EE Ch! Venla entered only in Pärnu and result was BB2 with CC and res-cacib!

Next  Year We'll do this again, shall we guys! :)


Pärnu Beach

Venla BB2, CC, res-cacib

Iivari new EE Ch

Some drinks :)

In Olde Hansa restaurant




What a weekend!
Saturday we went to try our luck to Sweden, Gällivare Int Show. Iivari looked for his last cacib for the C.I.B-title and Riikka’s Tähti wanted to have the CC for the SE Ch-title. And what happened? Iivari, our little boy, was BIG-4, BOB, Cacib and a new C.I.B! Tähti was BOS, CC and our day was perfect! 

Thanks judge Hans Boelaar, who gave Iivari wonderful critiques: “Super quality in head, body and coat. Very glamorous great personality. Moves correctly”.

BOS Multi Ch Diamella Almost Star - BOB Multi Ch Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith

A new C.I.B-boy was placed BIG-4

Sunday we had our “home Show” in Oulu and Iivari made his way to BOS with Cacib. Hurray! Thanks to my friends who made this weekend even more special.

BOS Iivari BOB Keymaker's More Xcitement



Pori-Forssa dogshow-turnée with Jenna went pretty nice - thanks for everything Jenna! In Pori Iivari was BM3 and Venla was BB3 with res-cacib. In sunny Forssa we made one placement better results, judged by Pirjo Aaltonen - Iivari was BM2 and Venla got CC being BB2! 

Venla with her CC



After returning of my holidaytrip to Turkey I headed straight to dogshow, of course. The weather was so awful after sunny & warm, but I survived with help of good company. Judge was Bengt-Åke Bogren who was a quite humorous gentleman :) Our results were following: Leevi got EXC2 and Venla was placed BB2 with res-CC - not bad at all! 

Best male competion

Venla moving



Eurovision-weekend in Vantaa was so much fun! Thanks for the awesome time, guys! :) Also dog show results from Järvenpää were "pretty" good.. Venla was BOS with CC and Iivari took the breed and was finally BIG-3 under our original judge, Vija Klucniece! Despite of  driving back to home 600 km, the day was so great! Judge was Harto Stockmari.

Photo: Lilli Wastimo
BOB Multi Ch Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith BOS Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked

Iivari BIG-3

Also we got great results from the eye checking - Leevi and Venla got healthy eyes!



We had a long-weekend-trip to dog shows. In Thursday we had a show in Kangasniemi where weather wasn’t so good and neither was the results – our little Venla was too little and got VG. 


After the relaxing Friday we got show in Mynämäki. The weather was great, almost too hot, and we enjoyed of the show day with good company! Iivari showed himself to second best male and Venla won juniors with VG. Riikka’s little girl, Säde, got her first CC – congratulations! 

Iivari                                                                       Preparing the dogs

After the show we headed to Rauma which ended our tourney.. We had so nice evening (without washing the dogs) and next morning we were ready to our annual Rauma Show. Venla got a nice ending – she won juniors and was placed BOB Junior and BB3 with res-CC!

Junior bitches in Rauma

Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked BB3, res-CC & BOB-Junior

Kangasniemi: Tomasz Borkowski
Mynämäki: Marit Sunde
Rauma: Joan Beech

Thanks for the lovely weekend!



We made our every-year-trip to Vaasa with "the gang" (Perttu and Anni :)). Bichons were judged by all-arounder Hans Lehtinen and results were pretty nice - Iivari was BM3 with res-Cacib and Venla was placed BB4.  Our real adventure started when we were driving back to home - the car decided not to move anymore, so we were stucked in the middle of nowhere.. Luckily we had so nice dog-show-friends who picked us up when driving back to Oulu.. :) Great thanks to Kirsi & Make for taking me, Anni and dogs with you and Elina & Kimmo who picked up boys with them.. Quite interesting trip! :)

Iivari                                                                                  Venla in best bitch



We made a one day visit to Kankaanpää Group Show “just for fun”, but were so surprised when the day was finished.. Iivari won males and was finally BOB, our little Venla won junior bitches and was finally BB1, BOS and got her first CC! The wonderful day was ended to Iivari’s BIG-3 placement and I and Matti were in “seventh heaven” :) Great thanks to breeders for these lovely Bichons!

Breed judge: Harto Stockmari, Group judge: Tarmo Viirtelä

BOB Fi No Se Lt Ch,, FiJW-08 Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith & BOS Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked

Venla with her first CC

Iivari BIG3



After the long and hard trip to Lithuania, we made "a quick trip" (only 950km..) to Tampere Int Show. Judge was Tarmo Viirtelä and our successs was quite pleasing. Iivari won champions, was placed BM4 and  Venla won juniors (again!) and was BB2 with res-CC! We were quite happy of our little girls' start in showing.

Venla won juniors and was finally 2. best bitch




Trip to Lithuania was finally here! Myself, Matti and dogs (Leevi, Iivari and Jenna & Olli ‘s Kiara) were headed to Vilnius - Lithuania Winner 2010 Show and Vilnius Cup ’10 Show. Like always, we had so tight schedule that only things we saw in Lithuania was a hotel, LitExpo Show place and highway.. Despite of that the trip was a quite success! 

In Saturday we had Leevi and Kiara in the ring and results were the best you can hope – Leevi was BOB, got his last CACIB and finished his C.I.B –title! He got also the title of LtW-10 and we could not be happier! Kiara was BB1, got CACIB, CC and finished her Lt Ch-title. In the big ring Leevi was selected amongst of final six best toy dogs. The judge was Ole Staunskjaer.

Judge Ole
Staunskjaer and BOB C.I.B Fi & Se & Ee & Lv & Lt & Balt Ch LtW-10 Leevi

Leevi was selected to final six in the big ring

In Sunday our judge was Anne Sume and we got Iivari and Kiara to show. Iivari was BOB and got CACIB & CC and became a new Lt Champion! Way to go our little boy! Kiara was again BB1 and got another CACIB. Iivari show himself with a lot of drive in the big ring and was also selected to final six.

Judge Anne Sume and BOB Fi & Se & No & Lt Ch JW-08 Petit Ami's It Keep The Faith

Iivari was selected to final six in the big ring

We got two Lithuania Winners, two new Lithuania Champions and one new C.I.B with us when driving back home – what a great trip!

Team Räisänen & Kuha

Wonderful & romantic dinner at the show place :)



Wellcome our little sweetie from UK - "Dina" Arthlorn's Nordic Affair! Great thanks to breeders, Trudy & Nigel Blythin, and Wivi for letting me know about this cute puppy!

Dina 12 weeks



We made a quite had trip to Turku with Elina and Kimmo. We left Saturday “morning” in 2.00 am and returned back to Tyrnävä in Saturday evening in 12.00 pm.. Boys did a great job with driving all the way there and back without any sleep! 

Tino Pehar judging in Turku Int Show and results were following – Leevi got EXC3 and our little Venla won juniors and was placed second best bitch with res-CC! What a surprise!

"1-year old. Very nice in type. Excellent proportions. Very nice, feminine head and expression. Excellent body structure. Excellent movements." Judge Tino Pehâr

Venla BB2


21.1.2010 - Good Bye Siru




Year started with Kajaani international dog show - as usual :). We had Leevi and Venla with us: Leevi got EXC and Venla was EXC4. Thanks to Jonna for keeping us company !

                                                                                              Photo: www.canitalia.it

Venla EXC4 in Kajaani