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Seinäjoki Int Show - Dina got her first real CC! We're so happy!


23.10.2011 - Puppy News

Am Ch Vogelflight The Captain "Captain" and Multi Ch Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked "Venla" got six beautiful puppies, three boys and three girls.



Sastamala National Show. Dina's first real CC was so close, but she ended up to second best bitch with res-CC and excellent critiques. Judge was Jouko Leiviskä. In Sunday in Vantaa Dina was BB4 under judge Tino Pehar.



Tervakoski and Kaivopuisto Shows. In Tervakoski Dina was fourth best bitch. In sunday in Kaivopuisto we had our puppies with us as well - and it was quite interesting.. :) Both puppies were placed second in their classes.


Hardy Flap's U Won The Game "Svea"
"Tyylikäs pentu. Hyvä pää, silmät ja pigmentti. Erinomainen runko. Hyvä hännänkiinnitys. Liikunta on puolittain ravia ja puolittain hyppelyä. Tarvitsee harjoitusta.." Rainer Vuorinen



Keymaker's King Of The Hill "ManU"
"Erinomaiset mittasuhteet ja kaunis ylälinja. Erinomainen pigmentti ja kauniit tummat silmät. Hyvä luusto. Hieman vielä löysyyttä etuosassa." Rainer Vuorinen




Kuopio Int  Show - Dina BB4 with res-CC. Judge Moa Persson.



Saarijärvi Nat Show - Dina BB3 with another res-CC.

Intermediate bitches




Tornio Int Show. Dina BB4 and Riikka's Säde BB2. 



After Roadtrip 2011, we had our home show at Oulu. In Saturday our chubby girl Venla made her way to second best bitch with res-cacib. Judge was Tiina Taulos. In Sunday we entered only Dina and it was her turn to be BB2 with res-CC and res-Cacib :) Judge was Jo Schepers.


Roadtrip 2011

This trip was so great!! Kempele-Stockholm-Echt-Amsterdam-Paris-Epernay-Malmo-Stockholm-Kempele.

Urmond Park, Echt


Versailles                                                                  La Vallee Outlet Village


Wine yards, Epernay

We had a great holiday, but also some showing as well :)

Echt 3.7.2011: Iivari BIG3 and Venla got CACIB and CC. Judge was Hans Boelaars.

Iivari and Venla

9.7.2011 Championat de France: Venla won champions, Dina won intermediates and Iivari got EXC2. Judge Tatjana Urek.


10.7.2011 WW-2011: Dina won intermediates, Iivari was 2. in champions and Venla got EXC. Judge Denis Kuzelj.

Dina                                                  Iivari

Champion bitches



Mid Summer Show in Rovaniemi was a very good day for our team. Our little Dina won her class and was finally placed third best bitch with res-CC. Venla made our day and took the breed with Cacib!!

All pictures taken by Ada Haaranen - thank you!


Arthlorn's Nordic Affair "Dina"

Dina's cute face

BOS Ch Victoire's Silver Bullet - BOB Ch Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked



We had a very nice trip to Estonia Winner with our friends - even though we didn't excatly get what we looked for.  Dina was BB2, Venla BB4 & res-Cacib and Iivari BM3 & res-Cacib.



Welcome to team: Keymaker's King Of The Hill!



Great day at Luleå!! Venla was BOS and gained titles of Nord & S Champion - hurray!  Thank you judge Eva Liljekvist-Borg.

BOB Martti & BOS Venla

Nord, Fi, Se, No & Ee Ch Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked



Short visit to Överkalix, Sweden. Venla got res-CC being BB2 and her halfbrother "Martti" gained title of S Ch!



We got a new Champion!!! Venla won bitches and was finally BOS with CC and Cacib from in Tampere Int Show, where we got almost 50 entries!  We are so pleased to our Wicked-Girl!

Iivari in Champions

Open bitches

BOB Fi Ch Keymaker's You Rock My World
BOS Fi & No & Ee Ch Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked


12.-25.4. 2011 Easter

We got the best Easter surprise ever - welcome to Finland "Svea" aka. Hardy Flap's U Won The Game! Thank You so much Catarina for having this beautiful and fun girl!


We had also some shows during Easter time. In Lahti: Iivari got EXC4, CK and Venla EXC3, CK. In Lappeenranta Iivari and Venla got EXC2 with CK. Thank You Riikka for having us (and our big gang) in your home - we had a great time! :)

Venla in Lappeenranta


16.4. 2011 

We visited at Outokumpu Group Show with Venla. Venla got EXC1 with CK, but this time it was all we got. However Elina's Martti was finally BIS2 and gained FI Ch-title - congratulations!


9.-10.4. 2011 Rakvere-Sagadi

We had a very lovely trip with Matti to Estonia. We got a beautiful place in Sagadi Manor and visited at two day Show in Rakvere. We had girls (Venla and Dina) with us and also Jonna's boy Pyry (Topwhite Keep On Show). And we got a very pleasing results! Pyry gained himself EE Ch -title, Dina got junior-CC and Venla gained CC being finally BIG2!!! 

At the Sagadi mois

Me and Bichons

BOS: Topwhite Keep On Show - BOB: Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked. Judge: Inese Pablaka

Venla finally BIG2                                             Dina with junior-CC



Trip to Norway! We visited at Harstad Int Show for the first time and results were absolutely fantastic! Elina's boy "JJ" was with us and was placed BM2 with res-Cacib. Our little Venla won bitches and was finally BOS with CC and Cacib!! We were so happy that 1400 km driving there and back  was worth it! :)

Beautiful view from Norway

BOB: Petit Ami's Made-For-Me & BOS: Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked

Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked



We visited at Tuusniemi in frozen weather -38 degrees! Hrrrr... We had Venla with us reaching the last CC, but this time she had to settle with the res-one - she was ended to BB3. Thank you Elina and Kimmo for the nice company!

Keymaker's Wild 'N' Wicked



Always fun to visit in Turku! :) This time we spend one night in hotel and it was much more comfortable to drive that 1200 km.. We entered Iivari and Venla to show and both got fourth places, so Iivari was BM4 and Venla got BB4. Thanks Perttu for photos!

Iivari                                                                                      Venla

Best males

Best bitches




Year 2011 started with traditional show in Kajaani. We only entered Venla, who was BB4. Thanks Anni for your help!