I'm breeding bichon frise under kennel name Mercurite's. I'm a member of Finnish Bichon Frise Club, Finnish Kennel Club (SKL) and Dog Club of Oulu (OKK). I have passed breeders course & exam in December 2007 and I finally got my own kennel name "Mercurite's" in May 2009. My first litter was born in autumn 2011.


I have always loved dogs and I got my first dog in the end of 80’s – Finnish Spitz called Reka. He was very friendly family dog and doesn’t care much about hunting. :) My second dog was “dog of my life” - German shepherd named Pipsa. She was marvellous dog and we experienced a lot during her 16-years-life. After she passed away I was struggling over a half year without dog and wondering what would I do because my fiancé was allergic. Finally I found a breed called bichon frisé and that is how everything started..

Finnish Spitz - Reka German Shepherd -Pipsa

Life with bichons started when lovely bichon boy Leevi (CIB & FI & EST & LT & SE & LV & BALT Ch Leevi) came in to my life in summer 2006. Leevi teached me how lovely is character of this breed and also showed me exciting world of dog shows. Leevi passed away suddenly before he turned age of 8 years. He was a huge personality and a dog to be remembered.


Nowadays dog shows are part of my life, meaning nice dog show trips all over the Finland and countries close to. You can read more about our Bichons from their own pages.


If there is anything You want to ask or if You want to know more about our puppyplans, you can send me email: tiina.raisanen [at] mercurites.com

- Tiina-